Hello, I'm Amy!

Owner of Sunshine and Oranges

Likes to eat chocolate, In-N-Out, pickles




I am a blogging, Jesus-loving, homeschooling mommy, wife, friend, daughter, and sister who is living the journey of life choosing joy in God's Creation around me and within my home. He has surely done great things for us!


It is definitely easy to get caught up in the mundane of the duties of life and motherhood. It is easy to lose sight of the joy of the great commission we have received by being blessed with these children. There was a moment in my life as a young mom when I looked up from my time in the word to see the sun shining down, and the orange tree bursting with beautiful fruit. It is the SON that brings us life, and abiding in Him grows the fruit we desire in our life.


Let it not be that we lose this joy, this comfort, and the friendship we have in our Lord and Savior. The grace He gives us is sufficient. Let's rejoice always, pray without ceasing, and encourage each other look at the sweetness of Him, and the shining glory of His attributes. 

I have limited availability to speak at Christian women's or children's events in the Sacramento area and surrounding. Please use the form below to reach out and explain your date and needs. 

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