Shipping & Returns

1. Shipping


We use USPS for most of our shipping. When items are books only, we will ship via Media Mail. This method can take 5-10 business days and generally is very slow. We are located in California. It will take the full length of the shipping time for east coast shoppers.


Cards, t-shirts, and other merchandise will be shipped either First Class or Priority Mail. 


We try to keep shipping costs as low as possible.


Please be patient as we are a family business and sometimes during the school year it can take up to 5 business days to ship your goods. If you need them for any purpose before then, please notify me via email.



Amazon ships our notebooks with Prime shipping. If you are not a prime member, click here.


2. Returns

If you are not satisfied in any way with an order, please email us ASAP for a return shipping address. Once we receive your item back we will refund your order up to 30 days after it was delivered. A 50% refund can be granted for returned items between 31 and 90 days after delivered.


3. Digital goods

Because of the immediate download and unreturnable nature of a digital download, all sales are final. 


4. Download Subscription

Subscription fees are paid annually or monthly. Membership fees are not refundable or prorated. You may cancel your membership at any time by emailing requesting cancellation. Your membership will be pending cancelation and not renewed and will be effective until the next billing date.


Technical issues can be emailed to but usually, you can try:

- Waiting about an hour and trying again

- Reset your browser

- Use a different browser application (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.)

- Make sure your subscription is active and billing went through


5. It is our joy and pleasure to be flexible and accommodating for everyone. Thank you for your patronage!