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I’m going to be going through my bookshelves and posting some of our favorite books related to some of our favorite things. Be sure to follow us on Instagram to see!

Birds have been a deep part of our 2020 spring and summer so far. We hatched over 4 dozen chicks, four cayuga ducks, and released two pigeons and 10 guinea fowl into our property to roam and be free.

There has certainly been some loss which have only led to wonderful and bittersweet conversations about life and death.

We had released 10 guinea fowl in hopes to reduce our ant population on the 20-acres we just purchased. Also, we had heard amazing stories about them chasing off coyotes (we have a small pack around us) - look it up, it's amazing. But only a week later there were about 6 little piles of feathers and sightings of them elsewhere.

Another time, while learning how to hatch chickens, there were a few chicks that ended up needing some assisted hatching. One didn't make it.

These times are memorable, but few. The highlights of our time with these sweet little birds outweigh the losses. Each bird seems to have a personality and enjoyment in watching them far exceeds media and TV.

Currently, we have no backyard flock except two adorable Cayuga Ducks, which we have learned are a threatened species, to raise and breed one day on the farm we are building (

These times of life make it easy to grab a book from the shelf about whatever they are beaming about, hand it to them, and say, "look and see this book! It seems like a fun story about what you are excited about right now." Whatever their reaction at that moment, you have just planted a seed in even your toughest anti-book-critic.

Here are some of our favorites the kids have read again and again:

1. (open book, bottom left) "Inside Animals" by Gale Cooper 2. "Birds Eat and Eat and Eat" by Roma Gans

3. Audubon's "Birds of America" (mine pictured is an older edition)

4. Winter Tree Birds by Lucy Ozone (if hard to find, try

  1. Benny's Animals

  2. Egg to Chick

  3. Introducing our Western Birds by Matthew Vessel

  4. Birds do the Strangest Things

  5. The Sparrow's Song by Ian Wallace

1. Don't Count Your Chicks

2. Make Way for Ducklings

3. Chanticleer and the Fox

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