Cycle 1, 2, 3 Companion Notebook Suggestions

It's almost CC time in our home! I wanted to give you some tips and tricks for using your companion notebook. If you haven't grabbed our companion workbooks, they are on Amazon available for Prime shipping.

How we (try to) incorporate it into our week to help with the memory work retention:


Community Day, learn new memory work, come home and play or nap for the rest of the day. Low key dinner (Crock pot or Instapot or take out ha!). Discuss the memory work with dad and the new things we learned today. 

Tuesday through Thursday

We all review the memory work during our Morning Time. Depending on a few factors, we either recite or play a game. Children move on to other curriculum and chores. A part of their school work checklist is to complete a couple of pages. They also get to pick a sticker when it is complete or I give Skittles out.


Review all the memory work again either verbally, with the CD/App, or as a game. Older kids move on to complete at-a-glance review pages. Younger writers only need to pick what they want to do in the at-a-glance pages. I also have time for them to finish pages they didn't complete. 

Other Pages Ideas

Journal Pages

I like to give each child freedom for this part. I have one who will freely write and one who will need direction (like a prompt question). And two that, well, scribble all over everything :) Another option I have done is they will write our prayer requests down and other Morning Time thoughts. 

Science and History Research Pages

We don't have a stand-alone history or science curriculum. What I do is read aloud something that goes along with the history sentence or science info of that week and discuss (create wonder with open-ended questions). When I read aloud, I encourage kids to write or draw what they like hearing or consider interesting. Essentials students can practice their Key Word Outline skills here, too. We also listen to Story of the World and this year, Mystery of History in the car or during play time.

Reward System Idea

Each page completed and given to mom for review earns a sticker on the page. At the end of the book, the stickers can be counted and redeemed for end-of-the-semester rewards. (Example: 50 stickers can be redeemed for $10 or an ice cream date with mom/dad. I like offering multiple options to speak to each kids' preferences of quality time or gifts, etc.)

These are great go-to's for sick days or on-the-go days. When I know we won't be able to do any other schooling, We take these out and use the CC App to fill in the work or do it by memory. Sometimes, I even take a week "off" where we only review memory work, read books, and review math facts only. 

There is one page per subject plus a science research page, history research page, journal page, and two review at-a-glance pages per week.

It's not for everyone. But if it helps you organize your school year and better memorize the CC memory work that makes my heart so happy!

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